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sally melville

Sally Melville will be visiting Bliss Yarns, Friday and Saturday, October 10th & 11th. During Sally's stay, we will be offering several different workshops.
First Choices, Basic Shapes- $60, Friday, October 11th, 9-12pm
No matter how advanced we are, we run the risk of making a garment that looks awful! Why? We make decisions in the first 20 minutes that have everything to do with the success or failure of a project. What are those decisions? Yarn, color, stitch pattern and silhouette. This workshop gives diagnostic skills to look at these decision.
Knit to Flatter & Fit- $60, Friday, October 11th, 1-4pm
There are a few simple rules to follow for successful knitting: start with styles that flatter, knit with appropriate decisions for a personalized fit, and then wear it with something that makes it look wonderful! This workshop covers all these decisions and puts the power for successful results into your competent hands.
Why We Do What We Do- $25, Friday, October 11th, 7-8:30pm
This presentation speaks to what knitting (or other hand work) offers - from alleviating boredom, to making us happy, to promoting good brain health, to contributing to our economic recovery. Participants will see examples of knitting, although this talk applies to all hand work. It is a wonderful feeling to understand why we love to do what we do - and why everyone should be thusly engaged!
Borders & Buttonholes- $60, Saturday, October 12th, 9-12pm
This workshop explores the best techniques for these finishings that make such a difference in our knitted garments. It covers basic maneuvers, four or more basic edging stitch patterns, and the very best buttonholes. Participants will never again struggle with instructions to "pick up and knit 137 sts along right front" nor with the question of how to make virtually invisible buttonholes.
Emergency Measures- $60, Saturday, October 12th, 1-4pm
This workshop will discuss the problems that confront most knitters plus what to do if the garment is too wide, too short, too long, too narrow, too outdated in styled, if a bad color choice was made, if the edgings are not holding well, if the knitter has run out of yarn or forgot to make pockets, or if the garment has suffered a laundering disaster.

sit 'n stitch

Each Thursday night from 5-8pm we host an open Sit 'N Stitch. Bring any project you like and come

yarn tasting

Join us from 1-4pm on Sunday, October 26th, as we sample Cascade's fine yarns. This a great opportunity to sample many of the yarns that we stock and some that we might. We will have refreshments and prize drawings throughout the afternoon. Space is limited so please r.s.v.p. at 370-8717 if you would like to attend.